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The Aesthetic

"Awesome Things Inside" Packaging Sticker- Blue & Green (Pack of 40 or 80)

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Sticker that reads "Awesome things inside"

Please note this is a sticker and cannot be used in the place of tape. This item is hand printed locally and order fulfillment can take between 3-14 working days

Size: 7 x 10.1 cm

Pack of 40 or 80 stickers 

Customer Reviews

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Misleading information

The stickers were just printer tower stickers and did not stick to the packaging at all. Reached out to them to complain, her only response was, that I need to put tape over the sticker.

Hi there, We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience.
Please note that the item is not being used for its intended purpose which is why you are having a bad experience with it. This is a sticker and cannot be used in the place of tape. If you look at the picture you've attached to the review you can see a space between the box and the lid. This creates tension and will not allow the sticker to hold it together since it is not strong enough to hold boxes closed. My suggestion when you contacted us was that you should use tape first to seal the boxes. I apologise if I may have phrased this in a way that caused a misunderstanding.

If you would like to return your item please review our refund policy at the bottom of our website and get in touch with us. Have a lovely day